Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to the Banana Republic.

The Plan did not pass. The Media are running around waving their arms, doing their job: scaring the American people. They join their Siamese twin, the executive branch, in fear mongering. "Iraq has WMD's": a lie. "Mission accomplished": a lie. "Waterboarding is not torture": a lie. The lies are endless. Congrats, W: you and your cohorts in the "ahl bidness" and associated industries have turned America into a dirty banana republic, like Florida, Louisiana, or Texas.

When people wanted to protest at the Republican convention in 2004, they were herded into "free speech zones" blocks and blocks away. The America I grew up in was a free speech zone: no more. I was in the sixth grade when JFK was shot, and it has been steadily downhill since then. Soldiers in Vietnam who tortured prisoners, if discovered, were court-martialed (well,anyone at or below the rank of Captain:that is another rant) and put away. Now torture is just another tool. An American mother will regret that decision someday. Our beloved leaders tell us it is not torture. If waterboarding is not torture, W., put your vice pres. on national tv for a demonstration.

If you think I am picking on the Republicans, fear not: The Democrats are just as bad. Like Ralph Nader said: There is not a dime's difference between either party nowadays. They are all swine. Bill Clinton, to look like a badass who was tough on crime, suspended his first presidential campaign just to go back to his home state to oversee the execution of a retarded prisoner. It's all spin and no substance now.

My suggestion: Khmer Rouge DC and Wall Street, drive the brutes away from the troughs, out into the countryside. The fresh air will do them good, and they can raise pigs, since they are such experts on pork.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

'cane season.

Summer vacation, so hurricane season cannot be far behind. Ayuh, a few weeks into the season, and the southern tier has taken some pretty good whacks. Don't fret yet, folks. They ain't eating the pets and having 'round-the-clock orgies in the seaside condos just yet. Still at the quiet desperation level, mebbe a skosh more to the desperation side than 8 or so years ago.....

First week of vacay is a tale of cat death, absinthe acquisition, rain and tornados.The death of our hostess's beloved pet set the tone in Maine, and it just followed us through New Hampshire. We have lost The Address Book; without it, we apparently are non-persons.

Second week, ah the whole famn damily at the beach, bless us in our little quirks, we haven't taken to axe murder yet. Not even the year at Hilton Head when it rained every day.

I did round up a different clam chowder recipe on vacation.It stood out because it is neither the creamy NE style, nor the Manhattan tomato infused (and tho a diehard NE chowda fan, I am willing to try it, but a good one, not a mediocre version) style:it is a clear broth version,served at Aidan's Pub in Bristol (or now also Newport, the beers are .25 more) RI. O yes, damn fine pubs, too. They are serious about their beer. Anyways, the Boston Herald printed the recipe, and I have it. If you want it to round out yer collection of clam chowders,send me a note. I'll swap it for a smokin' Manhattan clam chowder recipe.