Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The very model of a modern myocardial

Plunking my self into a chair to check in at cardiac rehab, Nurse M-- had the intern come 'round the desk to look at the screen with my info.Nurse M-- asked when my last catheterization was. "2009". Reading aloud, Nurse M-- tells intern that my ejection fraction, according to the test, was 20-25%."Look at him", she says, "no way his ejection fraction is 20-25% now, he'd would have trouble walking.". "See", she continues, "the value of attendance at rehab?". "He could be a model for a rehab poster.". Whoah. Been a long time, if ever, since RR was used as a model; usually he has been held up as a dire warning.

A correction: in the June 2010 "Tool Shed Thursday" I named the knife in the top photo as a "wrong way knife". Wrong: it is a farrier's knife, used for cleaning out hooves.

Obviously, cable is back and so is RR. It has been interesting.I have been having a blast working the teen desk at our newest branch. Tiring for this modern myocardial, but very rewarding. I really enjoy being that synaptical point between person and book. No matter the format. Connecting people and books is our field's schwerpunkt.

I am reading Leigh Hunt's Autobiography, edited and with an introduction and notes by J.E. Morpurgo. This Cresset Library edition, purchased for the princely sum of $1.00 somewhere, is being read with 2 bookmarks: one in the text, and the other marking my place in the copious endnotes.
I discovered Lulu.com, a print-on-demand publisher, through my interest in aviation history. Imagine my joy when I learned that the author of a blog I regularly read , "Conrad Walks", has published books there. I ordered Conrad Walks:Lands End to John O'Groats, and enjoyed the 77 day trip. So much so, I later ordered his most recent, Conrad Walks Wales. Inspiring stuff, with touches of humor. More on all three titles later.

Veg challenge: well, this year was a very mixed bag. I was distracted by events and the veg garden box missus and I made. This topic too will require a revisit and more space.

Thank you everyone for your comments and notes while I was away. I will be more disciplined in my attention to The Shebeen.