Sunday, July 30, 2006

An author talking

Went to hear Dennis Danvers speak the other night. Dennis Danvers is a science fiction author from Richmond, and he had some interesting things to say. Unfortunately, there were few people there, but then I got to ask him more questions with out seeming too greedy. I only had time to read one of his books between the time I heard he was speaking and the day of the program. I'll yap about that title on the Other Blog.
Hiring an uthor to speak is a chancy thing. It's a solitary occupation, so sometimes they have poor monkey skills, or some other problem. HST used to show up half in the bag, but that was part of his feral charm, I guess. I once heard Shonto Begay speak, and it was uncomfortable for all. He's a wonderful artist, but he must of died a thousand deaths at that podium, poor sod. He is obviously a very shy person, and I could feel the waves of empathy from all the librarians in the audience, all to no avail...

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