Monday, February 16, 2009

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok....."

There's a meme going 'round over at Facebook,'25 Random Things About Me'; a colleague and pal tagged me, so I am "it" . Needing content for the blog because any rabbiting away at the confuser I do is for my employer, I am including my tedious reply of details from my boring life. Yes it is that way Over Here now.

1. I wish I had more time. I asked the dr. after my heart attacks how long? and he said 10-20 yrs. It's been 10 now. Yeah, more time would be nice.
2. Irregardless of swimming lessons at Whitman's Pond, I cannot swim.
3. The fastest I have ever been in an car is 120, on a crappy NE street, not the highway, in a Sunbeam 8. You want to talk of ass clenching fear.....
4. I wore an ascot in 9th grade. Ass. I could easily be a dandy (but never a fop).
5. I have fired many rounds, from .22 short to 105mm main gun. Loved it.
6. I love classical music and instrumental jazz; I am too familiar with Pat Boone's work.
7. I dislike practical jokes.
8. I have seen the Aurora Borealis.
9. The highest award I have received was being asked to go pick up my boss's and a colleagues' children.
10. I jus' loves a good explosion.
11. I would have liked to have a couple daughters to help me at the recycling center, etc.
12. I grew up in the best time to be a kid.
13. I can kick your ass at Jeopardy.
14. I am having a hard time deciding retirement projects:
I.Raising the meanest rodeo bulls in Christendom.
II.Owning a theater in a college town that shows really cool films .
III.Owning a laundromat.
IV.Getting that greeter job at the recycling center so I get first dibs on the giveaway pile.....
15. Movies in a one screen small town theater, well kept: heaven.
16. I miss my brother. Lots.
17. But not MA: now, it is a nice place to visit....
18. I was the oldest man (31) in my Basic Training Company.
19. The high tolerance for exercise PT gave me probably saved my life in 1998.
20. My brother fishes; I do not. Used to hunt with my brother, not any more.
21. I own a shitload of books.
22. I have run over 7 automobiles while driving a tank. My TC ordered me too.
23. Best years of my life: 1984-1990.
24. I reallyreally like working with smart creative people.
25. I want to recreate the banana breakfast from Gravity's Rainbow, the greatest 20th cent. American novel.


Barrett Bonden said...

I don’t intend to match them all. Some are too scary (III - Owning a laundromat. 6 - The Pat Boone confession.). As to 24, I’ve always liked to think I was the smart creative person others liked to work with. Joke – but not practical.

Query: Did anyone learn to swim at Whitman’s Pond? Snapper turtles can put you off.

3. You were lucky to achieve 120 in a Sunbeam Eight. But then you don’t reveal the units. Perhaps 120 furlongs. Or firkins. Me, I did 127 mph on the Ashford Bypass (in Kent) in my Audi CoupĂ© and discovered motorways have corners.

12. Best time to be a kid. The jury’s still out.

II. Theatre in a college town. Yes, that’s cool. First “special” would be a Don Siegel fortnight.

18. I was the most obnoxious member of our flight at square-bashing camp.

22/23. I take it the auto-crushing event occurred between 1984 and 1990.

25. Gravity’s Rainbow. Close, but no cigar.

Query: How do you square wanting more time with the claim that your best years occurred two decades ago?

Relucent Reader said...

BB, thank you for your comments.

In re: Whitman's Pond: never did see a snapper, even looking under that ominous to a kid 'float' about 10-20 yds. off shore.

3. MPH; I remember it as a Sunbeam: one of those British cars about the size of a TR3, with a V-8 shoehorned in.In our case, 4 wheels, an engine, and 2 idiots hanging on."Mad, bad, and dangerous to know".....

12. Probably so.

11. Don Siegel, good choice!
There are films which must be seen on the big screen. New film buffs should be able to see them that way.

22/23. Yes.

25. Which one then?
In re: your last query. I'll take mediocre time, if it comes to that. Every day above ground is a victory.

Barrett Bonden said...

Sunbeam Eight: A friend of mine in Pittsburgh had one. I reckon the shoehorning was done by Florsheim because the car was rarely out of the dealer's garage.

Don Siegel: In 1952 (when I was 17) long before I knew anything about directors I saw "Duel at Silver Creek" starring Audie Murphy, Steve McNally and Faith Domergue. I came away saying to myself there was something different, something better about it than the average "oater". That impression stayed with me forcing me years later to ring up the British Film Institute and ask who directed it. The beginning of a love affair.

Best 20th century US novel: We're not talking about batting averages for right-fielders here. It's got to be personal. But anyone who can turn a Toyota dealer into pure art is going to get my attention. That's why the Rabbit series has my vote. Alas, its incredibly prolific author died only a couple of weeks ago.

More time: It was smart-aleck of me to raise this. Blame a lifetime spent in the company of journalists. Survival is what counts.