Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interesting Times update!

The graveyard shift for scarecrow is filled--as of this evening, another brother-in-law is unemployed. He is/was an insurance actuary. We can train him to make truck tire sandals for his sideline.


Barrett Bonden said...

Tel you what, RR, you do a fine line in bitter. And now is the time to exercise that talent. In the UK it is a legal requirement on documents associated with the stock market to append the line: Your investments may fall in value as well as rise. But this should be amended to include (except for bankers). The chairman (ie, president) of Halifax Bank of Scotland has reduced that bank to a pile of ashes but has been forcibly retired on a pension of £700,000 - you can do the conversion.

You may or may not be familiar with UK rhyming slang so here's an example: "He's a real merchant banker." What rhymes with banker? I can't remember whether the term was in vogue in the US but here's a clue: given to self-abuse.

What foul beasties is the graveyard shift scarecrow intended to discourage? Harpies and rushes, no doubt.

Loved the Spitfire. Done by a Frenchman too; good on him. Says it took "several" years - clearly an elastic term. Other good techno news: lithium batteries, as used in laptops, recharged in a minute or so. Bear up, and STAY BITTER.

Relucent Reader said...

Thank you for the comments, BB.
Shell games the banks have been playing know no boundaries.
I did bump into rhyming slang when I was in England in '73: "apples and pears", "trouble and strife" : my web of words vibrated in pleasure at that....
We have a prob w/ deer (actually other way 'round)here in the Yellow Tavern Quadrant, and figured my actuarial b-in-l could handle the task.
Isn't that Spit gorgeous? Something for those of us who have the wherewithal to own it after our economic potlatch.
You mentioned acquiring M Twain's letters in a blog about your new reader. I read his "Letters from the Earth" anthology, edited by a lit'ry hero, Bernrad DeVoto;I was amazed at the vitriol. I think the expression was "a pen warmed up in Hell"...... I can only aspire to such things...of course, ther eis plenty of fodder. We may have cool toys, but we are still monkeys with matches.