Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plan B. Or is this one C?

I have been concentrating on work and cardiac rehab. Things are getting tight : we lost $1 million from overall budget, our book budget halved, Middle and High school visits gone entirely; furloughs are under discussion, and what pops up today in a missive from The Director, may She live long? Early retirement, a new policy. Human Resources will be in contact with individuals eligible for this year's festivities.

Well, if the HR dementers find me, I will suck it up and put the Master Plan into operation. Whatever that is. Large food garden, get crackin' on my threatened novel, and assorted other retirement projects will keep me occupied. I hope.

Once the tedious dust settles , I promise some screeds on fun stuff again: Henry Knox, a very interesting Revolutionary officer; a journey to New England across my family's Styx; where the stimulus money is going; and triplanes.


Barrett Bonden said...

Oh gee, RR, you're posting about work - and unpleasant aspects of work at that. Given your tough medical concerns (and those of your wife) I feel vicariously guilty as I loll about in retirement, picking a word here, honing one there. I can't bear thinking about you having to wear a tie (though I enjoy watching be-suited individuals rushing up and down on my visits to London). The only words of encouragement I can offer is if you do get going on that novel be thankful you've chosen the computer age to do it in. I've written 4½ novels (all unpublished, though my agent did give me lunch once) all during the era of the typewriter. Revision was a real pain, whereas the word processor is made for having second thoughts. Look forward to the New England stuff. Triplanes? Gotta be a Fokker. Oh, and feign simplemindedness when HR comes through the door.

The Crow said...

So glad to see you back, and I look forward to your proposed new posts.


Relucent Reader said...

Thank you for the comments, BB and Crow.
The HR dementers did find me yesterday, no surprise. I will not be taking their not-so-generous offer.
BB: Fokkers, yes, but even more (Avro, Sopwith, Albatros, Pfalz etc.)
My novel will be an historical novel for adolescents. Set in Richmond during the war between the states, it is the story of a boy who has found a home in the navy, serving on an ironclad of the Confederate Navy's James River squadron. "Reb Powder Monkey" is the working title.
Enjoy your retirement guilt free, you deserve it.