Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A hearty Shebeen welcome to a new follower, crrltech.

Sorry, have not had much to say for myself.The Shebeen, except for a light dusting and moving around of the bottles, has been quiet. I have even neglected my reading.I suspect timewasters like Facebook and Spider Solitaire.

Le'see, rehab has been progressing, though a couple cardiac colleagues have Gone West. People do not show up and, not knowing the protocol, I do not ask. An obit. sometimes appears on the bulletin board or door, and my unvoiced queries are answered. So it goes.

As to the blog, your 'umble correspondent has had a rare idea.Inspired by my co-worker and fellow blogger, "Burly Man", I will try themed days. Mondays will be movie day, where I will jabber about memorable, some not very good, films and movies I have seen. Thursday will be "Tool Shed Day": I'll monkey with tools from wrong way knives and Louisville Sluggers to V-6 (or Allison or LeRhone) engines. Might have a food day too,we shall see. I will suppress my 'sub-sub librarian' tendencies and rely on minimal research, working from (sometimes limited) experience,gut,and sieve-like memory.

The trouble starts next Monday. Suggestions and comments always welcome.

Photo: Hunter S Thompson wasting a perfectly good typewriter.


The Crow said...

Welcome back, RR!

Sad news about your rehab friends, to be sure. Is it callous of me to say I'm glad you are still among us?

Y'know...you could rewrite your local phone book - in your words and wonderful cadence - and I would be thrilled to read it. I like your proposed line up of topics, especially Tool Shed Thursdays. I recently spent some of my settlement money on several used, but in fine condition, shop tools, with which I am itching to go "play." First, though, I have to clear out the barn so I will have room for everything. I'll blog about my new used toys as soon as everything is set up.


Barrett Bonden said...

Sounds like my kind of blog, but then it always was. As to HST the typewriter probably survived but it's quite conceivable he ceased to be metrical in the toe department. I am usually anti-capitals wherever possible but attaching them to "gone west" gives the phrase a jokily sardonic touch.

Relucent Reader said...

Crow, thank you for the comments. No, I don't think it is callous, as we cardiac kids say, always good to be on the 'right' side of the grass ;).
Mind you , the tool shed is a metaphor, as I do not have that many tools to require a shed, and some tools Ill be yapping about, well some may not call them tools. I will see where it takes me.
BB, thank you for the comments. Wasn't really shooting for sardonic, so to speak, I seem to do that alot.Inferring a different snese while trying to achieve another. But thank you again, always appreciate comments from a professional writer.