Friday, June 18, 2010

The beet goes on: veg. challenge, week 2

Que tal, pals? I am typing this on Missus RR's netbook;talk about the small print. One must do.....

The CSA consisted of beets,patty pan squash,parsley,chard,lettuce and scallions. While @ the market, I also scored some knobby onions,peas and mint,as well as herbed pasta and beef.

Saturday:free range beef,squash, and knobby onion kebabs, over rice pilaf. Gotta watch the free range stuff on the grill, goes south fast. The kebabs did not, though it was near run thing.

Sunday's meal was the pasta, pancetta, and peas in a creamy sauce. I learned something from the Missus: she had never had fresh peas before.

I found a leek, still viable, in the veg. bin Monday.I used Jamie Oliver's recipe for chicken (in this case, 3 thighs I had on hand)with leek, thyme, wine,and pancetta,roasted. Served it with parsleyed rice, so some of the CSA was used.

Tuesday evening found us at a niece's graduation;alas, no veg. that evening.

The lettuce and two roasted beets served as a base for Wednesday night's salad. I marinated some shrimp ( get 'em while you can folks, don't even get me started ) in a ginger and sesame marinade.There are more beets, omybrothersandsisters,they are gathering for a final assault. I will fix their little red wagon making a Yankee dish, red flannel hash. Although a wacky version can be found in the usually helpful Joy of Cooking , I will be using Marian Morash's recipe from her Victory Garden Cookbook. Her book is a valuable ally in the struggle with the veg world.

Thursday night RR made a swiss chard and almond sauce to go with the wide Amish noodles on hand. There are three components to the dish: the pasta, natch; the swiss chard, boiled briefly ,then sauteed with garlic and pepperoncino; finally,a pesto (mint is used with the basil , per recipe).All components are combined in the sauce pan. Texas toast accompanied the dish. The recipe is based on a Lydia Bastianich recipe, and was very tasty.Strangely, she uses just the leaves, ostensibly discarding the stems. Seems wasteful in an Italian recipe. Fear not, gentle reader: RR chopped them and is going to saute them severely, making a sauce with mushrooms and wine.

The pattypans remain, enigmatic on the counter.Their destiny is to be stuffed, I think.Further uses of beets after the hash will be in a beet, fennel, and honey salad. After that, RR may have to take the beet by the root as it were, and make borscht. Stay tuned.


The Crow said...

Okay...okay...I cannot read these food posts while I am at work - or during daytime hours when any one might see me in a lather over what you've posted.

Mrs. RR is a VERY fortunate woman to have a husband who likes to cook and isn't afraid to play in the kitchen!

I am drooling like my late, beloved pooch used to drool over seeing the peanut butter jar come out of the cabinet.

OMG, this is too much.

Relucent Reader said...

Thank you for the comment, Crow.
Missus RR likes the results; sometimes she is bothered by the odd explosion in the kitchen. RR is told he is an exuberant cook---not a good one, mind, but bless his heart, he tries.;)
Hope all is well with you.

Barrett Bonden said...

Holy Toledo, RR, you have invaded and now occupied the vegetable world. I didn't see asparagus but then the season may be against you - unless, like us out-of-season, you get it from Peru. Just think of that journey. But then they gave the name of their capital city to a bean. Celeriac? Samphire?

There were three generations of Bondens at the villa in France but the most recent has no interest whatsoever in veggies. But then I wasn't that enthusiastic in what have been called my salad days. Veggies are a mark of growing up.

Relucent Reader said...

Asparagus season;'s height has just passed, 'quicker than boiled asparagus', as Augustus said.
Missus RR and my veg share offer quite a challenge to this tyro cook. I detest waste, so am determined to use every bit of the summer bounty.
I have used celeriac before; what in the world is samphire?
we had plenty of veg @ chez Phillips growing up, though my father was adamant about not eating carrots, a wartime aversion held to the end.
Young Master will perhaps acquire a taste for veg., never can tell.
Enjoy your posts about your holiday.