Friday, June 25, 2010

"So remorseless a havoc": veg. challenge.3

The share picked up last Saturday contained lettuce, fennel, zephyr squash, beets, cukes, red potatoes and parsley. We bought squid ink pasta, sweet Italian sausage, ground beef, and eggs from bug-eatin' chickens from other vendors. Also acquired some 'V-8' gazpacho (lunch that blistering day, hot weather has set in)and a hosta plant for under the windsock. The hosta is not included in this week 's veg. challenge. The results:

Saturday: 'burgers, grilled;black olive pasta s'lad with dilly carrots, cuke, and onion. A Sam Adams Summer ale.

Sunday: Sweet Italian sausage grilled; cheese and herb stuffed squash blossoms , ahem,coated and quick fried in peanut oil;remains of the pasta s'lad.Must say, blossoms came out smokin' after requiring diligent cleaning .

RR's remorseless havoc against beets resumed Monday evening, with Red Flannel Hash. A traditional Yankee way to use up leftovers. Joy of Cooking 's recipe was more eccentric than Morash's Victory Garden Cookbook, so I used the latter's recipe. Slapped up the gorgeous yolked , deep tight and colorful, henfruit over the beet laden hash. a nice 'breakfast at dinner' dish.

The late season lettuce formed the core of the meal on Tuesday. Mixed in parsley, tomato, hard boiled eggs, just a wee bit o' bacon, a few shrimp and the lime vinaigrette.

Wednesday: Mexican. We ate at our local Jaliscan joint. Alas, no veg slaughtered for that meal.

Still hot, back to the grill on Thursday. Fished the pork medallions out of the freezer the previous evening; slapped them into the lime vinaigrette Thursday late morning. Made up a pineapple and parsley salsa for the pork. Used the cast iron skillet on the grill, a quick saute of the pig.Remains of potatoes done with onions, squash cooked with the other tomato. a very light and lovely white wine.

Tonight at the Plan B Cafe we will have squid ink pasta, tossed wth the lightest olive oil, lemon,herbs, and shrimp. Beet and fennel s'lad with honey. The beets are Chioggia, with their red/white/red/white pattern;should be weird.


The Crow said...

All dishes sound wonderful, make my mouth water something fierce. I especially like the sound of tonight's fare. I don't have the squid-ink pasta, but will use whole wheat 'little ears' and a leftover beer-can chicken leg to make a too-hot-to-cook salad.

Your exuberance in the kitchen serves you well, I think.

Barrett Bonden said...

Sam Adams ale (of which I wholly approve) at only one of these feasts. By choice or medico-dictation? I can't remember but have you considered your methane production? Who was it who said "If I could bottle it (they were talking about happiness or some other birthday-card abstraction) I could sell it for $5." ? Well, here's your opportunity.

Relucent Reader said...

Thank you for the comments,Crow and BB,
Crow: I have never tried b/c chicken, will some day.Lately we have been eatin' mnay salads or throwing things on the grill,hot here too.
BB: The doctors tell me to watch my alchoholic intake, and I do--- watch in the glass, watch myself drink it. A glass of wine, beer, or fine distillates is allowed, within reason....the othe rmeals it was water or a nice pinot grigio we discovered. Also used a Riesling when I grilled the pork, just seemed to fit.
HAHAHA methane, according to the Missus ,RR generates as much as a herd o' Guernseys.