Saturday, July 31, 2010

Veggie challenge:Melons and 'maters!

Gathered at the market last weekend were melons, many;basil,bunches; onions, tomatoes, which have taken the place of beets in the onslaught; peppers, red and jalapeno. While there we picked up some NY strip steaks,eggs, and pasta from our friendly pasta dealer.

The temp was over a hundred Saturday , so we had the pasta , prosciutto, and melon salad that was such a hit earlier in the veg. challenge.I used an Ambrosia melon, one we cannot find in the grocery stores, as it is one of the frailer types :it does not travel well. The NY strip steaks were grilled on Sunday, accompanied by Swiss chard and a chimichurri sauce, a green sauce variant, utilizing previous purchases. Monday, we had more pasta. Tagliatelle with fresh corn pesto. A disaster, way too much starch and sugar. It was like a ball of school paste,nasty. Every once in a while, one gets away from me :).While rooting around in the veg bin the next day, always a veritable treasure hunt,I found leeks I had forgotten about.Someone at work had given the Missus a copy of J. Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking to give to me, so I made a leek quiche on Tuesday, with a wee green s'lad.

Wednesday was a bad day at work and both our schedules were out of whack, so no cooking that night. My rehab support group dinner was held Thursday , a potluck dinner. I was responsible for making a meat dish, so I made a version of my mother's recipe for barbecue beans, which usually has a pound or so of ground beef in them. This was a cardiac group, so I used ground turkey instead, and it seemed to go well. There over 150 people (patients plus spouses or pals). Eating like that is interesting. It reminds me of the "dime a dip" church dinners my grandmother used to take us to in those long ago Vermont summers. Everyone brings their bestest dish to these occasions so one eats well. I had some tasty bites that night, and look forward to similar events later this year. I whittled down the tomato backlog on Friday, when I made baked shrimp with tomato and feta, served over orzo. Oregano from the deck planter was used in the dish. A dry riesling,rather than the previous sweeter 'reserve' riesling enjoyed earlier in the veg. challenge, accompanied.

Today, at market, in addition to the CSA, I manage to score a bug eatin' free range whole chicken for roasting. And more melons and 'maters.
*Photo looted from a church lady's blog.


Barrett Bonden said...

To eat one's own words is a lumbering way of going back on something previously uttered. But not in your case. You're eating the vegs first and then - arguably with even greater relish - you're consuming them as literature. There's a lip-smacking quality to the way you write, RR, inhibitions slackening, elbows defying the competitors, finishing up with an enormous verbal eructation good enough to satisfy the most pernickety Arab. It comes as something of a surprise to find that this gourmandising (real and virtual) is, on occasion, centred on the rehab group. Surely this is rehab as it should be. The soul as well as the body. I believe you once mentioned being impressed by the scene in the film of Tom Jones where the meal becomes a very active metaphor for sexual foreplay. RR you are Fielding's successor!

Relucent Reader said...

BB, thank you very much for the comment. Henry Fielding, a novelist I admire;a retirement plan is to make a run through his and Defoe and Swift's works...
That scene, besides Hugh Griffith doing a great turn as Squire Western, is the one thing I remember from that film.