Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mixed bag

A mixed bag today, much going on.

Firstly,my employer has taken the library's bookmobile off the road.A necessity, I am sure, given these fiscal times. For pure library service, there is nothing like loading up a 27 foot vehicle with books and extrovert staff ( a rarity in the field) and sending them out to the boonies to connect people and books. Our core service. I will have more on this topic later.

The veg challenge continues;unfortunately,dispatches will not be forthcoming for the next couple weeks while RR works on a highly anticipated project. He will have sketchy web access ; it will give us all a rest. Ditto the movie house of memory. I owe a screed on one of my all time fav-o-rites, The Wild Bunch. It deserves better than I can give to it at this time.

So: The Shebeen will be quiet for 2 weeks, good news to some. I leave it in the capable paws of Mr Finn, who most certainly does not blog. Talk to you soon.

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Barrett Bonden said...

Cocooning the bookbus. Ah, I hate them all. I had attended a public meeting in Hereford and found myself leaving the chamber with the leader of the city council, the smoothest of smooth Conservatives. He was looking for cuts, he said, and the mobile library seemed a suitable target. We were just passing the magistrate's courts. "Why not privatise them?" I asked, full of fury.